What We Do

We place an emphasis on STEM subjects at all levels (K-12) as well as college preparation, readiness and entrance. We have over 16 years experience in those fields and have helped hundreds successfully learn difficult STEM subjects and assisted dozens in navigating the college admissions journey.  We do this all remotely so we can help anyone, anywhere at almost any time. 


With over 16 years experience in education, we have the capacity to create a curriculum for you or your child based on the criteria that you value. We can walk you through each step, explaining concepts in diverse ways, with a variety of demonstrations. Ultimately, our focus is on more than just obtaining a passing score. We will give you expert guidance through the pitfalls of your most troubling subjects, making sure that the foundation is laid for the next step in your journey. 

Kids are amazing. Having a mentor to hold your child’s hand and guide them when they get to a crossroads is worth more than you may realize. Should your child focus on Band 150% or should they join as many clubs as they can? What are colleges looking for? Our experience guiding high achieving and low/moderate income students through their high schools years since 2012 will prove valuable in guiding your child and helping them get the best outcome possible.


Kids are amazing. And having a mentor to hold your child’s hand and guide them at a crossroads can give them that extra push to excel and reach their full potential

For many parents, this journey your child is on is totally new. Things aren’t what they were when we were younger. For parents of kids who are the first generation to enter college, there are opportunities that are only shared with those who’ve been there before. We will help you open those doors for your child.

About Me

A product of the South Florida educational system, Peta-Gaye attended the University of Miami. After graduating with a degree in Mathematics she entered the world Actuarial Science and Computer Programming.

In 2004, after having her first child, she decided to go back to the classroom as a teacher. As a Calculus, Physics and Computer Science teacher in a moderate income area, she noticed that qualified students were underestimating their abilities and not choosing challenging careers or applying to better colleges and universities. Along with two other teachers, she launched a college preparatory club that eventually graduated students from some of the best programs in the country, including Yale, Stanford, the University of Florida, and Boston University.

Since 2014, she has been teaching kids of all ages in the South Florida community the joys of computer science. Summer camps, day camps, conferences, in-school and out, Peta created curriculum, trained staffers and taught programming with a focus on Science, Art and Math.

Common Questions

Is BissetED for me/my child?

Part of BissetED’s mission is ensuring that high quality education, and the benefits that result from it, are available to all types of students. Our courses, tutoring services, and mentorship programs are designed with college-bound students in mind, and are specifically laid out to help them achieve that goal, be they home-schooled or on a traditional learning track.

How much does it cost?

Our pricing options vary depending on the subject, and level of engagement you wish to have, with scaling available for further personalized review sessions. Visit accelerateedu.com to learn more about our courses and packages. 

What if I need help with a subject that is not listed?

We have launched our site with a selection of courses we feel will be of great benefit to incoming students. However, we have a growing list of options to be offered in the near future, and a network of tutors/teachers available that can assist in a variety of subjects. Let us know what subject you need help with, and we will point you in the right direction.